Worldbox Cars(4 Ways To Make Your Own Super Car)

Does Worldbox have any cars? This is what you’re looking for? If yes then here we are to give you detailed information about Worldbox Cars. As you all know Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game whose main focus is on the creation and destruction of the world using God-like powers.

About The Game

The main purpose of this game is to give players a real-life experience and to give them the freedom to explore, experiment, and Evolve. Although Worldbox is a World game that has everything in it including races, creatures, real environment, diseases disasters, weather conditions, plagues, tools, traits, armor, weapons, etc to deal with the living experience. 

But in a World full of people and population there must be some mode of transportation as well with which creatures can do the transportation. It also has rivers as well so there must be some boats to cross the rivers.

Worldbox Cars
Worldbox Cars

Unfortunately, there isn’t any built-in feature of transportation inside the game but Maxim keeps on updating and expanding the game since its release and with those new updates he keeps on adding new exciting features. Hopefully, he’ll add boats and cars in the next one 

But yeah we can hope only! 

Or we can do something else as well which would be more fun and exciting.

So let’s do it!

Did You Know?

Worldbox game does not have any cars in the default settings but it never stops you to experiment, which means you can always make your own cars with different tools. Read more to see how can you do this.

Worldbox Cars, Ships, And Boats

Although Worldbox doesn’t have any boats, cars, airships, or flying creatures for our ease we can make it. As we’ve already told you above and you must’ve also experienced that Worldbox gives full freedom to its players. There are no build rules and regulations to keep you In check for this game. That’s why it’s very popular among its players. So never stop experimenting.

Now let’s see how can we make the airships first

Worldbox complex maps

Terrain Tool For Worldbox Cars, Ships, And Boats

For the airships, you need to have the terrain tool. With terrain tool, you can simulate the airships. You’ll make clouds first with the terrain tool and then spawn objects like balloons or zeppelins in the sky and this way you can create an airship as well.

For cars, you can again use terrain tools to build roads and tracks. Now spawn them with objects like carts, wagons, or even tanks along with cars on the roads.

For making a boat you will again need the help of a terrain tool and build water bodies including rivers and then you will spawn them with boats, ships logs, and rafts

Similarly, worldbox doesn’t have any flying vehicles but if you wanna have a flying vehicle you can spawn them with dragons that are already present in the game or griffins and then you will use your God-like powers to control them in that world. So it will be as per your need.

Worldbox Roads

In Worldbox you can do whatever you want but you just need to use your Brain for that. As everything is possible in a world similarly everything is possible in Worldbox because it is a simulation world giving you some real goosebumps.

Worldbox Terrain tool

If you don’t have a particular trait or power and you want to have it, you can always add some mods to your game. You can also buy the features that you want but with mod, it will be free of cost whereas with buying you need to spend some money otherwise you need to wait for naturally leveling up and getting your favorite features. We have mod for everything on our website. You name it and we have it, no matter what.

That’s why we are a one-stop solution for you and for your Worldbox needs.

If you want to unlock all the traits on Worldbox you can download a mod from our website about Worldbox unlock all traits and you can get that after installing that mod. If you need Powerbox for some reason, you can again download Powerbox mod from our website to have all the Powerbox tools for world box premium but you can download world box mod APK or Worldbox Unlimited to shop the premium features for free. You can have mods for PC and for mobile as well. 

Did You Know?

Instead of Purchasing a premium version of worldbox, you can download the modified version of all traits, tools, powerbox, and weapons to unlock them and enjoy them for free.

We give what we promise. So go and check that out and thank me later.

Pixel Art To Make Cars

As we’ve already mentioned Worldbox doesn’t have any built-in cars in the game but you can make your own cars. Obviously, they won’t be like real cars but it will be fun.  You can experiment with the simulation and make roads, either straight or curved, and spawn them with different vehicles or with objects that will look like cars and trucks.

You will use your God-like powers to operate them. To move forward or backward and even to turn them. You can also use a pixel art editor for creating vehicles of your own. You can even change their speed and create obstacles for the vehicles to collide with to make it more interesting. so cars may not have the same detailed feature but you can experiment and make it more fun for you!

Worldbox Monolith

Maxim talked about some religions or ideologies for the next updates on Twitter but for a sequel, he left us all with a Monolith

Monolith is the symbol of dead space because they made people worship them and create some religiously negative effects like unleashing madness, and death, and after death, they turn them into monsters. Quite a dangerous thing they are tho!

You can also use monolith to make your own objects. All these tools will provide you with innovative and creative ideas along with some help to make your favorite objects. So, when we say nothing is impossible in Worldbox we actually mean it. Now what does a monolith do?

Monolith is a powerful ancient structure that players use in Worldbox to control various aspects of the game. It can be used with terrain tools to modify the behavior of the objects and to control them. So, when a player adds monolith in a game he can shape the terrain and can get a number of abilities as well.

Worldbox Monolith
What Does Monolith Do?

Abilities Of Worldbox Monolith

monolith can actually control weather conditions along with the behavior of some objects. since it’s controlling the weather it can also destroy land and can create it. You can also make powerful artifacts with monolith cars, ships, aircraft, etc and can also summon powerful creatures. hence, Monolith is quite useful and powerful and will make the game more fun for you. hence monolith can

Create and destroy the land

Help you shape your world along with terrain tool

Control the behavior of some objects

Can help Create artifacts

Summon powerful creature

Control the weather

Our Review

Worldbox is the best video game if you take it as a video game otherwise if you are getting bored of it after some time then you are playing it wrong. If you experiment and be creative with all of the features of the game then it would be fun for you. if you will experience it as your real own world and keep getting better then you can never get bored of it. Make your own world and create your own objects including cars and ships to make it fun for you.

Final Thoughts

Worldbox Cars are not present in the actual game but you can make not only world box cars but also ships, boats, rivers, carts, trucks, etc in your own world by using some exciting tools and features of the game. In this article, we have mentioned some tools which will help you to make and shape your favorite objects like cars, etc.

So, Never limit yourself to what Worldbox has and does not have!

FAQ’S Regarding Worldbox Cars

Worldbox doesn’t have an in-built feature of cars, but you can make your own cars with some powers, and terrain tools.

Worldbox Monolith has come in the latest update and it got everyone questioning what’s it? What are it’s function? Monolith is related to some religious ideas which maxim talked about for next updates and in this update he left us with a monolith which is capable of quite alot of things. Head out to a detailed talk about monolith in our article.

No, there’s not any mod for Worldbox cars but there are mods for all the powers and traits, which you can use to build your own car.

Yes, you can make whatever you want with all the tools that you have. You can also download different mods and use them to experiment with your world. Your world is in your hands. So, have fun!

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