5 Cool Worldbox Moon Hacks For Exhilarating Game Experience

Hey, y’all! Those of you who don’t know about Worldbox Moon would be confused about that does the Worldbox game has a moon as well. And those of you who already know would be very excited that ohh we are going to talk about the Worldbox moon which is a feature in the Worldbox game and some of you must love this feature.

Worldbox Moon
Worldbox Moon

About Worldbox Moon

Worldbox is a fun sandbox-style simulation game that we all love, Worldbox gives you real-world experience and it has all the creatures and objects along with some traits which the real world has. It has an earth along with a sky and so does the moon. The moon of the Worldbox is just like the real moon which has all of the phases. Full, half, or crescent, depending on its position relative to the sun.

How Does Worldbox Moon Affect Life On Worldbox?

And as in the realm world moon has a movement and its movement has some relation not only with human behavior but also with the weather and climate due to the gravitational pull which forms the tides. Its position decided the rise and fall of the water bodies.

Have you guys seen Twilight movies? Or any fiction movie related to werewolves? Well in those movies, werewolves transform into their full werewolf form during a full moon night. It is still accepted in some regions that on a full moon night werewolves get converted into werewolves. The same happens on Worldbox, in a Worldbox game on a full moon night, Werewolves get converted. 

This is just one example of world box moon, and the way it affects different areas, but you can do a lot more with Worldbox Moon and can have fun

Worldbox Moonbox Dimension

So, let’s change the Worldbox dimension to Moonbox dimension and see how it would be.

I have created it using my imagination and protected my creatures with suits and everything to watch them grow, let’s see how it goes.

I know it will take some time for you to be comfortable with the moon box dimension but let’s face it in real, it’s not that bad 

What it has for us is pretty fascinating!

I wish I were an astronaut ( lol we all wished that as a kid)  so, here’s the amazing part in Worldbox moon dimension we have astronauts for you along with the other species aliens, and robots.

Moonbox Creatures
Worldbox Moonbox Creatures

Features Of Moon Dimension(A Scenario-Based Study)

So in the moon dimension soil has been replaced by moon rock,  forests are replaced by giant craters and water has also been replaced with dark matter (I don’t know what it is called). So what do we do? We invade the moon with astronauts and to our surprise, they were just humans the base they built was fire but the fire there was blue and then they built a moonbase. 

Isn’t it amazing? Well it certainly was 

In the world box moon dimension, there isn’t any water but there is a lot of space and to build some lakes you can pour rain over it but the lake that will be formed with the rain will be dark colored but do not try to swim in that dark colored lake 

Take it as a public service message 

Did You Know?

Instead of Purchasing a premium version of worldbox, you can download the modified version of all traits, tools, powerbox, and weapons to unlock them and enjoy them for free.

So astronauts can build a home here in the moon box dimension but there are some giant settelectiles that can be trees. We can build islands here, civilizations, mountains as well as trees.

We can bombard it with different races, robots won’t love it as much as astronauts do but still, they create a livable environment for themselves here as well.

Dwarves love mountains so we can even build mountains here for dwarves. 

We can build different civilizations along with populations and kingdoms and can watch them grow!

 life can also be initiated here 

So it’s the real world on the moon but the colors of everything would be different you can have quite a lot of fun with life on the moon

The castles would also look different on the moon! 

Creating Life On Worldbox Moon (Is It Good?)

But to be honest, creating a human colony on Worldbox Moon is going to be a bad idea because your population and kingdoms would die because the environment won’t be favorable.  But still, u can have fun doing that! 

Whatever but for me it was worth trying!

But in general moon’s environment is harsh and not friendly for life to exist. The moon feature in Worldbox is decorative, it doesn’t provide a specific environment or ecosystem for life to exist.

I have tried it and everything got dead in the end but still, you can use your imagination and create life at its fullest over the moon 

Worldbox moon doesn’t have any atmosphere, it usually has extreme temperatures with high radiation and these conditions make it difficult for life to exist.

You can always experiment with Worldbox because that’s the beauty of the game. You have all the tools to play with it, no matter where you want to create your life because it can be anywhere. So use your Brain and your tools and create a world for you with your own choices and without any restrictions! 

Moonbox Life

Worldbox Moonbox Features

MoonExperiment, Explore, and Share
All the features of the moon box including rivers, fire, lakes, ice, etc have different colors than those on Earth.All the features of moon box including rivers, fire, lakes, ice, etc have different colors than those on Earth.
Easter Eggs Moonbox also contains easter eggs.
Environment and AtmosphereThe environment is harsh and not friendly. It doesn’t have any atmosphere due to its extreme temperatures.
RadiationsMoonbox does have high radiations.
Colorsyou can experiment with new scenarios, explore new gameplay responsibilities (creating new races and putting them in the moon box dimension and can share your creation with the Worldbox Community Via the Worldbox Nexus Platform.

Worldbox moon box dimension is present in the original game. This update came in 2021 for know more about the Worldbox release date about the latest update, check out this article which is a part of Worldbox since then. it is included in the latest version of the game. You don’t need any mod to have the moon box dimension of Worldbox.

It allows players to experiment with their world. it is available on all platforms IOS, Android, and PC. You can select the moon option from the main menu and it will take you to a separate dimension.

Worldbox Moonbox Features

Worldbox Nexus

Worldbox Nexus is a community-driven platform created by the official developers of the game. On this platform, players can share their content including maps, creatures, and races.

It is directly present in the game due to a better user experience because it will be easy to download the content they want to download. Mods are also present on this website. the platform gives access to players to share their own creations as well as to get new content shared by other users and mods shared by Worldbox official developers.

Players can access the Worldbox Nexus platform on the main menu where there is a button that says Worldbox Nexus. From there, they can browse and get user-generated content as well as upload their own content.

To sum it up, Worldbox Nexus is a platform where you can have a better gameplay experience and connect with other members of the Worldbox community. It encourages creativity and collaboration among providers and provides a way for players to have more fun.

Tada have fun

Worldbox Nexus

Our Review

Worldbox Moonbox is a creative and decorative dimension of the game that gives users an amazing new experience although the environment on worldbox moon is hostile and not good to sustain life there still it’s worth trying because you will experience some new colors along with some new features like easter eggs.

So, for us, it’s worth trying!

Final Thoughts

Worldbox Moonobox And Worldbox Nexus are two different platforms that enhance your user experience and will give you the best creative experience of the game.

so, explore these platforms and enjoy your game.

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