Top 10 Best Armor And Weapons in Worldbox

Worldbox sandbox is a simulation game in which one can destroy or create the world according to his own personal choice. in this article, we are going to tell you about the best armor and weapons in Worldbox game.

A world has everything. It has an army for defense and attack and it has interactions with different kingdoms as well for that a world has some weapons, armor, and accessories. Today we are going to talk about only one category of these accessories which is armor. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best armor.

best armors in worldbox
infographic: list of armor and weapons in Worldbox

About The Game

Worldbox game contains these weapons, armor, and traits and provides you with the power to build your own world but some of them are locked and you have to buy a premium feature with money to unlock them with a Worldbox mod APK so that you can have all accessories of your choice unlocked for free. 

We are going to talk about two types of armor today. One of them is special armor that will be present only in the modified version or premium version of the world box app and the other one is common armor which you can have and enjoy without the modified version and they have unlocked already in every app. 

You can also download worldbox unlock all traits mod and worldbox powerbox mod to get all Traits and tools unlocked for free. These best armor and weapons are unique because they will be available to you only with the modified version of the world box without money or with the premium version of the world box with money. It includes

  • The fire sword (has four variants)
  • Necromancer’s staff (four variants)
  • The white staff of the white wizard 
  • Evil staff with the evil wizard ( four variants)
  • The staff of the plague doctor (2 variants)
  • Druid staff ( four variants ) 
Best Armors and Weapons

Fire Sword 

one of the best weapons is a fire sword. It has four variants and each variant is stronger than the previous one. This sword is possessed by demons. The traits of a fire sword are given in the table.

Damage +16
Attach speed +45 
Critical hit +30%
Speed +5

The four variants are 

  • Dragon fire word
  • Cool fire sword
  • Anime fire sword
  • Blue fire sword 
fire sword among best weapons
infographics: one of the best weapons is fire sword

Necromancer’s Staff 

It also has four variants. And each one is stronger than the former one. Traits of necromancer’s staff are shown in the table 

Damage +40
Attack speed +30
Critical hit +40%
Armor +5%
Speed +10
Health +100 
necromancer's staff (one of the best weapons)
infographics: necromancer’s staff is among the best weapons

The White Staff Of The White Wizard 

It has four variants. It’s a legendary weapon. Its traits shown in the table

Damage +45
Attack speed +20
Critical hit +30%
white wizard (one of the best weapon)
infographics: a legendary weapon among the best ones

Evil Staff With The Evil Wizard

It also has four variants. And every variant is stronger than the other. The traits of this are shown in the table

Damage +20
Attack speed+30
Critical hit +40%
Armor +5%
Speed +10
Health +100
evil staff is one of the best evil weapons
infographics: evil staff among the best evil weapons

Doctor Plague 

It has only two variants. It starts the outbreak of epidemic disease and uses to destroy a world with diseases.

doctor plague (one of the best destruction weapons)
infographics: one of the best destruction weapons

Druid Staff 

It also has four variants. The druid can entangle people with vines and make flowers bloom as they walk.

druid staff( an amazing weapon)
infographics: druid staff is the cutest among all

Normal Weapons

The normal swords can be made by any blacksmith in the village and they can be made from different materials. Each one of them is better than the previous ones and their prices also vary. The better one is definitely expensive. They are ordered from worst to best. They are also available in any worldbox game.

They are in order from worst to best. They are made from

  • Wood 
  • Copper
  • Bronze  


  • Silver 
  • Steel 
  • Mithril
  • Adamantine(best) 

Best Weapons 

The best ones are made of adamantine but they are expensive. They are stronger than all the other ones. Mithril comes at the second last so weapons made of mithril are strong as well but less than adamantine. Mithril is also cheaper than adamantine.

Armors In Worldbox APK

Armors can also be manufactured by any blacksmith in the village. Its cost will depend on the material and quality used in the making of the armor. The material used in the making of the armor:

  • Leather 
  • Bone 
  • Copper 
  • Bronze 
  • Silver
  • Iron 
  • Steel
  • Mithril 
  • Adamantine

Best Armor

 Armors that are made of adamantine are the best armor. They are definitely more expensive than all the other armor. It is also known as the perfect armor of terror. Hence, The strongest perfect armor tier in Worldbox is adamantine. 

Its stat is: 

Damage 12
Attack speed 10 
Critical hit 30%
Armor 15%
Speed 10
Health 20

Strongest Humanoids Possible 

If you want the strongest possible humanoids get them immortal veteran wise golden tooth king slayer and mage slayer and of course, blessed. with all of those and this armor, it is possible to get perfect stats which are 

Health 1100
Armor 73%
Critical hit257%
Speed 193
Attack speed 161

When it attacks it does 740 damage which hits demons, mages, and every animal in one shot except the dragon which takes 2 hits.

If you were able to get every good trait you would be able to get 35 more attack speed, 14% critical hit, 7% armor, 3 more attack,s and 20% more speed which would be 1100 health. 89 attack, 80% armor, 271% critical hit, 232 speed, and 196 attack speed.

If you want something with even more health give it mush then kill and regain 10 levels. It will now have an insane 1280 health. A dragon has 1000 health and a demon has 666 health.

How To Download/How To Install?

Worldbox mod app can be downloaded in the following steps to use the locked armors that are present in the premium version of Worldbox. Mods only work on computers and they aren’t yet available for mobile phones. The steps are 

  1. Install NCMS and don’t forget to enable its experimental mode. Go to the NCMS file and download it.
  2. For NCMS downloading you must unzip the file, copy it, and then open the steam library
  3. Select Worldbox and click on see local files from there 
  4. Then follow the address, paste the NCMS file there
  5. After that, open the Worldbox and it should appear ready and then you can start installing mods.
  6. Follow the download link that has been given at the start of this article after installing the NCMS.
  7. To download the mod of your choice, select it to download, unzip the file and go to the local game files and paste it into Worldbox mods and you will have it available in your game.
  8. Make sure that the mod is of an updated version which you currently have to work properly.

FAQ For Worldbox

The best ones are always made of adamantine whether it’s a helmet or armor. Adamantine is the most expensive ore but so far the best. So anything that has been made of adamantine is the best.

Adamantine generates rarely and only inside infernal and arcane desert biomes.

White mages are beings who are skilled in the art of magic. They roam around fighting off the enemies and monsters that are hostile, especially their arch-enemies and the evil wages.

Nope. Not all weapons and armors are present in the worldbox. Some of these are present in the premium version of worldbox or in the modified APK version of worldbox

Final Thoughts  

Worldbox has a lot of armor, traits, and weapons and these are made up of different materials. Some of them are available in the normal Android version of version whereas other features are of the premium version which can be bought with some money but to enjoy the best armor and traits of Worldbox without money there is also a modified version known as Worldbox mod APK which can be downloaded and you can get the best traits with that without any money. The best armor and weapons in the world box are made of adamantine. It is the strongest and the most expensive one. 

Its stats and traits have been discussed Already.

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