How To Spot A Gamer? Best Hack Revealed

Video game players can be all around the world without you noticing them, but if you want to know how to spot a gamer in real life due to any reason either you want to connect with them or you want them to work with you, then you need to observe these few things and you will be able to spot a gamer easily always.

Just like all other human beings they can be introverts or extroverts as well. Extrovert gamers must be very popular and noticeable whereas introvert gamers would be hard to spot. Today in this article we will tell you how to spot introverts, extroverts, or both types of gamers. We will tell you some key features just reading them once would make you distinguish them and then you can connect with them accordingly. 

How to spot a gamer?

What Are The Signs Of A Casual Gamer? 

How to spot a gamer is really not a big deal you can use the following indicators to identify extroverts. A casual gamer who would be an extrovert and would love to talk and will  give you a lot of hints that he is a gamer would have the following attributes 


They wear tee shirts or PJs or hats as well as other apparel inspired by games that may have logos of the famous characters of the games they like to play or of popular games. Their haircut may also be inspired by fav characters of their games.


They love to talk about games and they may spend a lot of time talking about games with their friends or with the people they know. They may use some game slang in their conversations for example: spawn, frag, etc.


Their friends may be gamers as well. So all of them have something in common either the way they talk or their clothing. Maybe their social gathering as well. They may talk about their favorite gaming strategies, participate in online forums to discuss them, and increase their visibility in gaming groups over social media as well 


They may have a lot of gaming accessories for video games in their homes, which includes controllers, keyboards and gaming headsets, etc. Their electronic devices such as their PC or laptop may also have logos of their favorite games. They may also place some stickers over their electronic devices as well. They would love to carry gaming rafts or switch.


They may have a wide collection of video games, consoles, and other gaming things. 

Basement Lights of a Neighborhood

This is actually an interesting one, whenever at night time you walk into your neighborhood and everything else is dark but an array of light is coming from someone’s basement then you can easily think that they may have a gamer at their home who loves aesthetics.

Hobbies & Interests  

If you would ask them about their hobbies or interests or intimate any talk about games those introverts would suddenly become extroverts and would love to talk about it.


They may use gaming jargon without them realizing that they are using these words which may sound different to non-gamers. You can spot them through that.

Directly Ask 

You can always directly ask them and if they are not hidden about their games they will tell you that yes they are gamers. 

Physical Appearance

You can guess it from their hair or the vibes they give, they may have some physical appearance inspired by gaming characters. 

How To Spot an Actual Gamer Online? 

Online gaming communities are an answer to your search whether how to spot a gamer online, Reddit gaming communities are flooded with game enthusiasts.

Gaming Platforms 

They love to play on their preferred gaming Platforms either X-box, PlayStation, PC, Steam, Linux, etc. So, they have a collection of these gaming consoles or they may have any one of these. You just need to observe it.

Tournaments & Events

You can see them in different gaming tournaments or events. They would never want to miss it because they love to connect with other gamers or talk about it.

People who are introverted gamers and don’t show any attributes like those who are extroverts would have the following characteristics, and you can spot them through these differential attributes 

Online Activity 

Introvert gamers must be very active in online forums or communities related to gaming. You can spot them there. They would love to be on different gaming groups over social media as well. Their online activity may tell you quite a lot about their interests or maybe the games they like.

What Is A Natural Gamer?


Now you know how to spot a gamer from different walks of life. Once you meet a lot of gamers you will find a few natural gamers in them. Someone who excels at video games and gameplay style naturally without putting much effort into learning them is a natural gamer. Those factors which contribute to the gaming skills of a natural gamer can be grouped as follows.

  • Hand-eye coordination: Natural gamers can easily navigate and interact with the interfaces of any new game in no time.
  • Quick reflexes: Gamers who are blessed with natural talent which they use to make split-second decisions.
  • Strategic thinking: This skill separates natural gamers from the rest because they can strategies 2 to 3 next moves of their gameplay.
  • Pattern recognition: To beat your competitor you need to understand the patterns and moves of your opponent within a few moves, which natural gamers master within minutes.
  • Identifying game environments: Blessed gamers have a very strong spatial awareness of the 3d environments of any game, they put their hands on.

How To Spot a WorldBox Gamer?

 A WorldBox gamer would have all the above characteristics but everything of him would say circle around his passion for manipulating virtual environments.

  • He would be seen in Worldbox communities online quite often. 
  • He would love to talk about democracy, kingdoms, and peace.
  • He would love simulation games.
  • He would be more creative in terms of creating or destroying things.
  • His clothing and accessories would also be inspired by Worldbox themes.
  • And he would be following Maxim everywhere because he is the developer of Worldbox.
  • He would keenly be following every new news related to Worldbox 

What Are Some Cool Examples Of “Gamers Will Be Gamers”? 

Gamers will be gamers is a very popular saying that implies gamers will do whatever it takes to achieve their goals in a game, regardless of how difficult the task is or what are its consequences.

For example: 

In Worldbox it’s very difficult to get all achievements in a limited time, but gamers who are into it would spend hours and hours practicing and maturing their skills to get all achievements of Worldbox. The same goes for speedrunning.


Gamers who are into modding and who want to get certain traits or powers in games, would create mods for it, Mod is often a shortcut but creating a mod is quite hard work but they would do it. For example: in Worldbox if you can’t buy a premium feature you can always install its mod known as Worldbox mod Apk because there are gamers out there who have created this mod with quite an aggressive approach 

Easter Eggs:

Easter eggs are the hidden resources in the games, that are there, in Worldbox the gamers who are Easter eggs hunting would search every inch of the game to find Easter eggs. 

Competitive Gaming: 

It is an e-sport platform for gamers to compete against each other. Gamers who are into it would spend all of their time, without even seeing the sun for so many days just to win in their game against other gamers. They would polish their skills in certain games and then compete.


How to spot a gamer in real life? it’s not a peace of cake. There’s no clear indication of the gamers because they come from different walks of life, and it’s normally about your judgment call. Usually, body language, friend circle, online presence, and way of communication of anyone can give you enough data to depict what they are.

The above article is gonna make it easy for you to identify and develop your gaming circle if you are shy or extrovert because identifying some gamers in real life and online is deciphered in a few easy steps.

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