Is Worldbox Premium Worth It? Free!

Free versions of any game are highly entertaining, while the premium version enhances the gameplay experience. Before doing any investment in the upgraded version you want to know Is Worldbox Premium Worth It? Sure it is! Let’s decipher all the rationales whether why, how, and what makes it worth spending your money on it. 

You couldn’t agree more that Worldbox is super fun, unlike Worldbox Premium no game ever would let you be so creative and give you greater controls on simulations including new biomes, creatures, customization options, and modding tools.

Greater Detail On Worldbox Game 

Worldbox is a game in which you can create and destroy your world, (now imagine yourself being the God of some world) for being God you need to have some God-like attributes which include powers to create disasters, climate change, Apocalypse, peace, etc.

Is Worldbox Premium Worth It?

Worldbox also has so many traits, civilizations, races, modes of transportation, the moon, earth, and everything that is present in the real world to give you the experience of the real world. 

But Maxim just like other game developers also want to make it more fun as well as want to earn money from it due to which he made a premium version. 

Why Is WorldBox Premium Worth It?

Having strong control over Biomes, customization, creatures, modding tools & ad-free experience all these features make Worldbox Premium worth it. Normally worldbox comes with some free features by default and to unlock the rest which I have just mentioned, requires you to get paid subscription.

I have good news for you. What if I solve your ambiguity and save you some bucks by offering you a modified version of the game that provides you access to the below-jotted features? Let’s save the best to last! 

Benefits of the premium version. 

1- Create More Complex Worlds

The premium version offers more biomes (like Deserts and Tundra) to create more diverse and complex worlds.

2- Advanced Customization

You can customize the creatures and your world also changing the colors sizes and abilities of the creatures. 

3- New Creatures

Value for money is provided by offering you greater access to new creatures. It includes Dragons, Zombies, and Giants adding more challenges to gameplay. 

4- Modding Tools

You get access to game code and you can use it to customize your own content. We on “theworldboxapk” give you access to some mods for free. 

5- Ad-free

An uninterrupted and seamless experience can be gained once you sign up for the premium version. 

A MOD version is made by a group of developers who were broke and couldn’t afford to buy a premium version (just kidding). So, developers made a mod version to make it easy for everyone to have fun with the game the way they want it. 

Worldbox Mod Apk Download
App NameWorldBox – Sandbox
Version 0.22.15
UpdatedJust now
PlatformIOS, macOS, Android
Modified version All premium features are unlocked
Developer Maxim Karpenko
File Size134 MB

You can check out different mods available on our website. Moreover, it’s still your choice if you are happy with the free version and you don’t feel the need for premium features including expanded monster types then you don’t need to buy a premium version or install any mod. Have fun with your way of playing Worldbox. 

What Are The Prices For Worldbox?

Worldbox is free if you don’t need premium features of it. It is free on both the Google play store and the apple app store but if you want to buy the premium version of it then it will cost you 7.99$ on mobile whereas on Linux/PC/MAC it will cost you 19.99$ on Steam (these prices may vary). For getting the in-app purchases which include getting different traits, and achievements the prices may vary from 3.99$ to 20.99$. You can have Worldbox on all different platforms. 

Is Worldbox Free On PC? 

No, the Worldbox isn’t free on PC. For playing it on a PC you have to buy it from Steam. It’s gonna be a one-time purchase but you can also get its free version by downloading a mod. With Worldbox mod APK for PC, you can get Worldbox on PC for free. For more details regarding it check it out and if you know which platform works better for Worldbox either PC or mobile then go check out Worldbox PC vs Mobile

Is Worldbox Premium a One-Time Purchase? 

Yes, world box premium is a One-time purchase. There are some special features of the game apart from the premium version available with subscription payments as well which include unlocking some specific traits or getting some achievements as well. 

How Do I Cancel My Worldbox Subscription?

If you wanna cancel your subscription to Worldbox then there are two ways for that. You can also do it on your account renewal page and if you don’t want to or can’t do it on your account renewal page then you should contact the company directly to cancel it. They will surely do that. 


One thing that you should be clear about is that it won’t return your current monthly subscription fee. It won’t cut out the next subscription fees but won’t return the subscription fee of the month you are asking for cancellation. The time of the month doesn’t matter, whether it’s the start of the month or the end of the month, the current month’s subscription fee won’t be returned to you after cancellation.

Worldbox Review

Worldbox Sandbox is a simulation-style God game in which you can create or destroy your world according to your own choice, just like a ruler or a God. That’s why it is named a Worldbox God game. Worldbox gives you all Godly powers to make up your own world. It gives you all the freedom to be creative. No other game gives you this much freedom. This is quite a different game with which you can never get bored because everyone would have their own picture of Worldbox. 

It has quite a positive feedback from the players who are playing it, it has got 4.7 positive ratings overall. 

Players who are playing it say, it is a very well-thought-out game, and buying its premium version is also worth it, moreover the free version is as equally good because it shows ads rarely, and has quite a variety of powers and traits. People love and enjoy the freedom this game gives to its players. 

There are some players who have given it a 3-star rating but their issues aren’t about the game, they have technical issues for example the maps didn’t save or their game got crashed in the middle. But they still love the game. Me, I’ve never personally experienced these errors and I believe these technical issues are maybe on the user’s end due to some malware soft wares. People who are using its mods love the game equally much and the majority of them haven’t faced any issues with the game due to mods so far. 


So, overall Worldbox is quite a fun game, it’s not perfect yet because obviously a lot can be added with the upcoming updates to make it more lively, enjoyable, and real. But absolutely this is the #1 sandbox game ever(being a Worldbox gamers can vouch for it). 

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