5 Best Traits After Download Worldbox Powerbox Mod

Powerbox is a modified version of Worldbox game that enhances the base experience of Worldbox by adding some amazing new features to your game. It gives you the ability to include traits, armor, and civilizations in your game. So here we are going to provide you with how to download worldbox powerbox mod which is a premium feature in the world box game but now you can download it for free.

Worldbox mod APK includes the powerbox but I know it is frustrating that a Powerbox mod is not present in the actual Play Store version of the game. we’ve made this modified version so that you can enjoy playing your game with more zest, zeal, and excitement. 

So let’s begin playing! 

Download Worldbox Powerbox Mod
Download Worldbox Powerbox mod

User Guide 

With this mod, you don’t need to think about what should be your next move as you don’t have a powerbox. Now you can merge all the civilizations, make your own rules, make them fight, give them rewards according to the winners or losers and you can also merge two same civilizations for example two human civilizations.

GamePlay Of Worldbox

Powerbox as its name shows is going to give you some amazing powers to play with your world either make it or break it. Download Worldbox Powerbox Mod file and enjoy all the latest features.

To be very clear about it, Powerbox has imperial thinking but now due to the latest updates it has been lost but rest of the game is super easy and fun to enjoy or play 

Worldbox Features 

Worldbox has a lot to offer you. It has some amazing features which include:

Whereas its premium features are not free. You have to pay for the premium features to get some amazing powers but we’ve made it a bit easier for you and now you can enjoy the premium features of world box and also the Powerbox with a modified version without any money. So, enjoy! 

all traits unlocked
All Traits Unlocked In PowerBox

What Does Worldbox Powerbox Mod Offer?

Powerbox adds to the base experience of Worldbox by adding some amazing powers and features to your game which is not present in the actual game. it also gives you some best armor and weapons. Some of those features include:

Features Use
Zombies burger spider, maxim spawn,
Greg creature and all spawn creatures
Spawnburger spider, maxim spawn,
greg creature and all spawn creatures
Weapons armors and weapons with modifiers
Relationship editor create relationships between kingdoms
toolsupgrade or degrade the tools
city border tool
Boats easy to travel
Cloudsblood cloud
burger spider cloud
items and weapons in worldbox powerbox
Items and Weapons In Worldbox Powerbox

Debug Tools 

This will give you more options than normal access from an easter egg like a civilian cheat sheet and show infections on the map so that you don’t have to spam hamburgers anymore.

Spawn the creator of this game known as Maxim spawn 

Plant vs Zombie in the Nutshell

With this, the undead creature turns other creatures into zombies.

Spawn Burger Spider 

All Spawn Creatures 

Spawn Greg Creature along with walking Potato Chip.

Different Zombies including tumor Zombies and Mush Zombies 

Weapons and Armor along with Separate Modifiers 

I recommend you use armor before the modifier so that when you switch from armor to weapon, your modifier is already saved.

Remove Item.

This feature is also there so that in any case if you want to remove anything which you’ve already done. You can also use the eraser to remove stuff. So that it’s easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Relationship Editor 

That can be used to create relationships between kingdoms. you can choose to do a peace or war relationship or anything else as well. Your choice 

Upgrade or Degrade the Tool.

Click on the buildings to upgrade or degrade 

City Border Tool

Make sure you open the village layer in the civilization tab before use  

Make Colony 


Such an amazing feature that I’ve heard a lot about. Who doesn’t wanna add boats and bridges to their kingdom? Well, everyone loves that so, here it is!

Blood Cloud 

Raining blood-healing creatures.

Burger Spider Cloud 

There are a lot of other options as well, in case if you wanna see the army full of adamantine then yes we also have that. 

PowerBox Tools in WorldBox
Powerbox Tools in Worldbox

Our Experience

With this Powerbox mod apk of Worldbox, we enjoy the game even more. Its experience has been enhanced. Now we make use of innovative powers which were not there before and we can create a world of our own choice. We have more liberty to play with our world with some breathtaking powers.

How To Download Worldbox Powerbox Mod?

Here are the following easy steps to download world box powerbox mod:

  • Go to the website and download the NCMS latest version from the description 
  • Scroll down a bit and click the manual download button.
  • After downloading both of these files go to your c drive>program files> worldbox>mods.
  • When you’re here choose the NCMS file and copy it to your mods 
  • After that open worldbox again and see if the Ncms file is showing there if it’s showing you’re almost there 
  • Now again go to your worldbox mods file and copy the file of powerbox mods into your mods file and again see if it’s showing there.
  • If it’s there then you just have to install it and enjoy your game.
  • Tada! You’re ready to play and rock your world.

Tutorial on how to download Powerbox mod?

App Requirements 

This mod will work on PC only and not on Android mobiles, so be sure that you’re installing it on your pc. 

Pros Of Worldbox Powerbox Mod

  • This will enhance the base experience of Worldbox. You’ll be able to enjoy your game with new features and more creativity. 
  • Powerbox mod will give you spawn powers of approximately 11, creatures equal to 3, some creature powers as well, and improvements to apply to your kingdom and civilizations, it’ll also provide you with new world powers, and some exciting disasters if you’re into destroying worlds and fan powers as well.

Cons of Worldbox Powerbox Mod

  • This mod will not work on an Android mobile device, it’ll work on a PC only.

Spawn powers

(maxim spawn, spawn burger spider, etc)

New creatures 


New powers for creatures 

(undead creature turns other creatures into zombies)

New disasters 

Blood rain 

Improvements for your kingdom 

Upgrade or degrade tools

all unlocked traits of worldbox powerbox
Unlocked Traits of Worldbox

Frequently Asked Questions in Worldbox

Unfortunately, it’s not available. The description of this mod is old and removed since the 0.3 version of the game because it has removed this feature along with certain others as well.
So, imperial thinking is unavailable.

The Multiplayer feature isn’t gonna be available even on the cracked version of this game. But I must say the game is very enjoyable even without this version as well.

Well if you’re talking about the speed then no but yeah there could be a problem with your computer at times which can make the speed of the game crap apart from that game runs so smoothly and just fine with the powerbox mod as well. So better luck! 

Powerbox is a modified version of the game which enhance the base experience of the game by providing you with some extra tools and powers which are not present in the play store version of the game so that you can be creative and enjoy the game. 


Powerbox mod is a strongly modified version of Worldbox which will make you enjoy Worldbox even more and which will make you fall in love with Worldbox game all over again. 

Powerbox mod will add some exciting features and powers to your worldbox game which will make you more experimental or creative with the game.

I have heard many complaints regarding the installation process of it, so that’s why I’ve added a tutorial on how to install the game in the article. I hope it’s gonna be helpful to you all and you all can enjoy the game even more. Please lemme know in the comments regarding your queries. 

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