Worldbox Release Date(0.22.7 latest Update)

You are a gaming geek and eager to know about your favorite game, “Worldbox Release Date.” It was first released almost a decade back and creators kept upgrading it since then.

I am positive that you have a quest to know more about Worldbox sandbox game, is it the 0.15 update release date, Right? The suspense about upcoming update features is playing you up because it’s taking forever, the reason is obvious (this update is going to be the best so far). So Stay put, I’m going to address all your concerns in this article.

Would you be happy if I tell you that the update is just around the corner?  WELL, so now be super happy as it has been released on Steam on 12th March 2023 and IOS and Android updates are released on 13TH and 14th March.

Teaser On 0.15 Worldbox Release Date

We have figured it out from the hints that Maxim Karpenko is giving on its Twitter account lately. The developer is talking about the bugs and fixes that he is correcting for the new update, which shows that the latest version is going to be the best for example: in one of his tweets he talked about correcting the lava trajectory of the volcano. he exactly didn’t give a tentative Worldbox release date but, he talked about tools in his latest tweet which shows that they’re gonna be in our hands by March.

Is Worldbox On PS4?

Worldbox is not available on PS4 but it is accessible on PC through Steam and on mobile or Android devices through Google Play or play store. But maybe Maxim would make it for PS4 as well. So, fingers crossed, and hope for the best.

worldbox release date 0.15 update
infographics: Clans in the next Worldbox update

About The Game

Worldbox Sandbox is a god simulation game that was actually released in 2012 by the developer Maxim Karpenko. In this game we use different elements, powers, traits, maps, and weapons to create and destroy worlds, there is its APK version known as world box mod APK available as well for those who wanna enjoy the premium version of the game without buying it and by the world, I mean everything that is present in an actual world is in this game as well which makes it the best for those who always want to experiment with the world.

Worldbox Release Date

24th September 2012 was the Worldbox release date of Flash. At first, he released it on Newgrounds, although the Newgrounds version is still available it doesn’t work due to adobe flash support ending. On IOS it was released on 16th December 2018. Its Android version came on 3rd February 2019. 10th October 2019 was the release date for the users of Windows and Mac Alpha and he continued working even after that because he wanted to make it available for everyone so on Steam it came on 2nd December 2021. Since then its updates keep on coming yearly. 

Flash 24th September 2012
IOS16th December 2018
Android3rd February 2019
Windows / Mac alpha10th October 2019
Steam2nd December 2021 
0.14 updateMay 2021 

After that, he updated the old version and released the next update 0.14 version in May 2022. So far this was the last major update but we are predicting that the next version is going to come up in January. Which is just around the corner. 

Get the perk: Worldbox premium APK

Gameplay Of Worldbox

Worldbox sandbox is a god game in which one can Create or destroy a world by using different elements, weapons, and accessories. The game’s main feature is the ability to create worlds using godlike tools known as powers. it actually gives you unlimited power to create forests, mountains, hills, and kingdoms. 

You can also destroy or punish your world with rain lava or acid from the sky and you can also get these tools by downloading worldbox powerbox mod. Every new update of this game gives new features so that one can enjoy the game even more. You also decide which creatures would inhabit your world as there are many creatures present in this game.

Worldbox Creatures

Civilized creatures

These are capable of constructing villages and kingdoms and have their unique style 

worldbox creatures
infographics: world box creatures

Four creatures that come in it have four races 

  • Elves 
  • Dwarfs 
  • Orcs 
  • Humans 
Elves6 tiers
2 variants
Orcsgeneration traits when born
4 armor
Humanslowest stats than other races
Warswars with hostile creatures


Elves are long-lasting and capable of living longer than any other race. They have 6 tiers and  2 variants of each house and it takes longer for them to grow into full adults. Additionally, they cannot be attacked by wild animals such as wolves and bears. Moreover, trees would continuously spawn in their territory giving them infinite supply.


Orcs are more likely to have generation traits when born. This means they can regenerate when they are born. Additionally, orcs have a policy called killing any other living creature that comes closer to them. This means they would dominate the world as compared to any other race.


 Regular dwarfs without traits have 2000 hp and 4 armor and their health bars are the highest and second to dragons.


A race can survive well in any environment they interact with. They combat with some tools like swords, axes, armor, etc. They have the lowest stats than other races.

Wild and hostile creatures include wolves, bears, etc and their function is to attack other creatures or wander around in a kingdom to eat grass.

creatures in next worldbox release update
infographics: world box creatures

Wars are also present in the kingdom

Hostile creatures are evil beings that detect anything that moves in your world

The cold ones hate everything. They create snow biomes and make colonizing land difficult for civilized creatures.

zombies. It seems like the Lord of the Rings. They have the chance to hit different creatures and then infected creature has the chance of turning into zombies once the virus spread if you want to create an outbreak in the kingdom think of spawning the zombies in that kingdom 

Demons are evil beings who place fire in your kingdom. They are especially devastated in forests as they spread quickly.

Bandits run around attacking everyone and are easily beaten by all the races and leave a mess after they die. well, they are my least favorite or you can have more traits that are unlocked by downloading world box unlock all Traits mods from this website.


 There are 5 types of monsters in the game. The first monster is a dragon which is fascinating and weak while sleeping UFOs are unidentified flying objects whose sole purpose is to destroy your kingdom by flying around they can’t be beaten by any land creature.

If you are bored then you can place them over any kingdom then there is robot Santa who destroys everything and lastly, are living plants and living buildings are enemies that turn into living machines and quite difficult to take down.

world destruction by dragons
infographics: a dragon is taking a nap


The basic resource and the most important thing in the game are trees and we don’t have ships yet but please Mac adds ships to the game it has been finally released on 12th March,2023. we will provide you with its mod soon. It has ships and then there is stone, iron, and gold all of these resources can be spawned on the map by using their corresponding powers, and as their name suggests they help upgrade the town by using power to increase living capacity.


Hurricanes, acid rain, and nuclear holocaust can be used to destroy your world if you are bored.

disasters in worldbox in the upcoming release update
infographics: disasters in Worldbox


It was in the recent update that came early in 2022 that kingdoms can have treaties and have peace with each other. They can also have military attacks and can work on the rules. 

Worldbox Release Date On Mobile 

You can have the free version of Worldbox on your mobile which was released on 3rd February 2019. You can enjoy the game even on mobile but it may not have all the features. the next Worldbox release date for mobile is unannounced but It will have only the selected features and for having all the unlocked features on your mobile you would need to buy a premium version of the game. 

You can also counter this problem by installing mods for the game but I am afraid that they will only work on computers. So, you won’t be able to enjoy all the new features on the mobile.

FAQ About Worldbox Release Date

Is it worth it to buy the full version of Worldbox on mobile?

Well, it depends upon you. If you are so into Worldbox then obviously you are going to enjoy the premium version on the mobile also.

Am I able to get the full version on mobile for free if I already bought it on Steam?

Well, that’s not possible as Steam and Android/IOS are different platforms so it needs to be bought separately.

What is a super world box?

Super Worldbox is the god simulator world box game in which you use powers to create and destroy worlds.

When is the latest Worldbox release date? 

Maxim hasn’t provided any date yet but it was supposed to be there by December 2022. It got late due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Now it has been released on 12th March 2023

Final Thoughts

To sum it up, It has been released on 12th March 2023 and we will provide you with its mod anytime soon whereas on IOS and Android versions it was released on 13th and 14th March, 2023.

In this update, Maxim is going to fix all of the bugs. Moreover, you can have some limited features of Worldbox on the Android version of the game. To have all the unlocked traits and powers you have to buy the premium version or you can also have it by installing mods. But unfortunately, mods only work on computers. In the end, I just hope that Maxim adds ships in the updated version of the game, and the Worldbox release date of the recent update is 12th March 2023.

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