73 Cool Worldbox Unlock All Traits That Get You Covered In worldbox Journey

Worldbox is a simulation sandbox game where you can create and destroy your own world. You can also shape landscapes and civilizations the way u want to do it. In this article, we will provide you with a solution to a very common query that is, “How to unlock all traits in Worldbox? And “how to give traits”? Traits are the characteristics of all creatures that define and determine the behavior of the kingdoms and creatures. 

So, let’s begin playing! 

What Is Worldbox On?

With world box mod APK you can play with a variety of tools, and armors and shape your world accordingly. You can also control the climate here, can prosper your kingdom by making treaties or peace, and can also destroy your kingdom by wars and plaques, etc you can do quite a lot of other things as well with Worldbox Trait Editor 

Worldbox Unlock all traits
Worldbox Unlock All Traits

Download Worldbox Unlock All Traits

Traits are the attributes or characteristics that every creature such as animals or humans possess, it impacts their strength, behaviors, and how they interact with other creatures. Unleash the full potential of every creature with an all-traits-unlocked version of Worldbox, ready for immediate download. These traits include: 

Speed: it impacts how fast a creature can move 

Fertility: Can the specie or unit reproduce? 

Endurance: how long can the creature stand to fight before its defeat? 

Strength: It determines how much damage the specie can bear during a war or combat. 

Intelligence: learning new skills and abilities Is how much easy for the creature to adapt and learn? 

Worldbox is a real and open-ended game that’s why everyone likes to play it because it provides you the freedom to choose your own world. Its mods are also available on Mac/IOS so that you can enjoy it on every platform.

Morale: how well they are fighting and how is their self-esteem? 

Hunger: how’s the hunger of the specific creature? 

Every player can manipulate the traits with Worldbox trait editor according to his own choice. He can use magic spells and some editors as well to create a unique population in their kingdom. 

Now we will provide you with how to download worldbox unlock all traits mod.

Worldbox unlock all traits
How to get all traits of worldbox?

How To Unlock Traits on Worldbox Naturally?

Some traits on world box are available as an open source whereas there are some specific traits and tools as well as a power box that you can get by leveling up so u can always level up to unlock all traits on World Box. 

There’s another manipulation that you can do yourself to unlock traits on the world box. You can have a tool known as a genetic editor which will edit the generic makeup of all the creatures and by manipulating that genetic makeup u can actually unlock the traits and abilities of the specific creature. The same goes for magic spells. You can cast some magic spells on our species to unlock some new traits and abilities.

You can also buy an unlock traits tool with real money. You can purchase it all the time and can access new traits and abilities.

These are all the natural ways by which u can get new traits but I know it’s pretty time-consuming and tough as well. Moreover, it can also exhaust you sometimes because we’ve been trying to find a way to unlock all traits on Worldbox and it was taking forever.

So, we decide to do a little extra for you guys and decided to cover every aspect. here are all the unlocked traits for you so that u can save your time, money, and energy and enjoy the game as well. There’s also a mod for the best armor and weapons in worldbox which you can get from our website

In this article, we have provided you with a modified version that will provide you with all the unlocked traits. 

So sit back relax and enjoy!

Traits, Items and weapons

How To Download Worldbox Trait Mod?

Here are the following easy steps to download worldbox unlock all traits mod:

  • Download the NCMS latest version from the description 
  • Unzip the File
  • Scroll down a bit and click the manual download button for Worldbox to unlock all traits.
  • After downloading both of these files go to your c drive>program files> worldbox>mods.
  • When you’re here choose the NCMS file and copy it to your mods 
  • After that open Worldbox again and see if the Ncms file is showing there if it’s showing you’re almost there 
  • Now again go to your Worldbox mods file and copy the file of Worldbox unlock all traits mods into your mods file and again see if it’s showing there.
  • If it’s there then you just have to install it and enjoy your game.
  • Tada! You’re ready to play and rock your world.

Worldbox Unlocked Traits and Achievements

There are some inherent chances and then there is a birth chance. if there is no inherited chance then you can count it as a birth chance of 0 whereas a birth chance of 1.5% would automatically be counted as an inherited chance of 15%.

A single species cannot have peace and war traits at the same time. for example, burning feet and a cold aura cannot be present at the same time.

Traits of worldbox

We are providing you a list of all the traits of worldbox that you can have with this unlocked version. These traits are:

Acid blood filled up with green stuff: it is found in aliens, slime, and zombie dragons and it spawns acid on death

Acid touch: it is found in slime and spawns acid on walking.

Acid Proof: the species that have this trait know how to deal with acid and are known as immune to acid. it is found in aliens, slime, and zombie dragons.

Attractive: ITS modifier is +10 and its opposite is ugly. it has +2 diplomacy, +1 stewardship, and +10% crit. it is found in lemon boi, lemon elves, lemon man, and Li’l pumpkin with a 1.5% birth chance

Agile and Ambitious: Agile is a positive trait with a +5 modifier, 30% attack speed, 10% dodge, and -1% size

Whereas Ambitious is middle earth with a -10 modifier and its opposite is content. Its effect includes +2 diplomacy, +4 warfare,+1 stewardship,+1 damage, +5 max cities, +1 zone, and Range with -15 loyalty

All Traits in worldbox

Blessed: As its name shows it’s a God trait and its opposite is evil. Its effects include a +50% damage modifier, +50% speed modifier, and +50% health modifier and it is found in the enchanted biome. 

Bloodlust: It is the trait of the demon and its opposite is a pacifist trait. It is found in Li’l pumpkin and has a 1.5% birth chance. its characteristics include +10 warfare,-2 diplomacy,+3 Max cities, -20 loyalty, and +1.5 supply time modifier. 

Boats are one of the best traits and are used to cross rivers. I personally love this one 

Bomberman likes bombs and is found in bandits. It has a 2% chance of throwing a grenade at a tile farther than 4 units away, 50% enemy tile, 50% nearby TNT, and nearby burnable tile

Burning feet trait: it’s the trait of hell, whoever would walk will feel like their feet are burning. It is found in demons.

Snowmen and cold ones possess the trait of the none which means a decrease in nearby temperature. Its opposite is ambitious and greedy. Its type is positive and it includes a +15 modifier. It has +2 diplomacy, +2 stewardship, -2 warfare,+10 loyalty, and -0.3 Time modifier. Its birth chance is 2%.

Cursed, death bomb, and the mark of death traits are negative ones. Cursed is evil, this specie feels low and gloomy all the time, and its opposite is a boat. It is found in corrupted biome and ghosts. A death bomb is a small bomb explosion on death and the mark of death is one in which the void calls and the specie is going to answer it. 

Dragon Slayer: it’s the one who defeats a dragon.

Energized: whenever a specie is struck by lightning fairies there’s a 50% chance that u can have it and a 50% chance is when you reach immortal age which is over 300. its function is to spawn lightning on death.

Fire blood: species having this trait have a 40% chance of spawning fire on death because they have fire in their veins. Demons, dragons, fire skulls, evil mages, and plague doctors usually have this trait.

Fireproof: an amazing trait and opposite to fire blood because this specie loves fire and is immune to fire. It is usually found in assimilators, God fingers, UFOs, ghosts, crystal Golem, Crystal swords, and worms.

Flesh eater: it eats meat, as its name shows and +1 is its health. It can be found in candy bear and candy man.

Flower: This trait spawns flowers on the species when they walk.

And freeze trait makes them immune to cold 

Along with genius and giant, gluttonous is also one of the best traits. The creatures who have this trait eat 2 times of food. And found in candy bear and candy man. It is 50% inherited and +5 is its modifier.

Golden teeth and greedy traits are just like their names.

Healing aura, honest, immune, and immortality are also as their name suggests and one of the best traits 

Kingslayer: one of the best traits to defeat a king. The one who has this trait can defeat a king. Isn’t it exciting? Well, it sure is. It has +5% attack speed, -5 diplomacy, +5 warfare, -25 loyalty, and +2 supply timer modifier.

Lucky: it is the one who gets a 0.7% birth chance.

Madness is a trait of a strong mind. Found in madness disasters and madness power. 

Megaslayer defeats evil because it loves the smell of burned magic in the morning. It defeats evil mage, white mage, necromancer’s druid, and plague doctor.

Miner trait is found in dwarves with a 0.5% birth chance. Its personality is positive and it increases the chances to get germs from mines.

Mush spores: one of the most hyped traits. Well, it’s worth the hype. Found in mush spores power. It is 100% inherit and its opposite is the immune trait and boat trait because this one is found on earth as mush grows and spreads spores on death. Its characteristics include +4 speed, -5% dodge, -15 loyalty, turn into mush zombie on death, 70% chance to infect 3 nearby creatures 

Pacifist and paranoid are somehow opposite traits because pacifism is positive and paranoid is negative and their function is just like their name suggests. 

Peaceful is the one who never attacks first 

Worldbox Protection trait
Protection Trait

Poison immunity is the one who is immune to poison.

Pyromaniac is so evil that it likes to see the world burn and it has a 1% birth chance. it causes a world war of high intensity.

Rat plague and rat king are the disastrous traits but rat king is one only and attacks with rat units.

Regeneration stores are the ones that prefer health over time. It’s a positive trait. If they aren’t hungry or infected there is a 20% chance that they’ll heal 1 health.

Scar of divinity is a forever trait and it’s always given by the trait editor even if  It’s undone. +69 health target and cannot unlock the king of kings, the accomplished, or the demon achievement.

Shiny, short, and skin burns are also some of the best traits.

There is also a slow trait that is found in turtles.

Then there is a strong and strong-minded trait as well as a stupid trait

Super health is a healthy trait and its achievement is super trait explorer.it is +9999 health and granted for the love of crab.

Crocodiles and greater crabs have tough traits 

Tumour infection is also a disastrous trait and venomous as well which is the trait of snakes.

Unlucky, ugly, and weak are negative traits 

Weightlessness is the trait that a creature has, it can walk over ice without breaking it because it is light as a feather and its opposite is fat.

Wise is the one who has seen some stuff and zombie-like brains.

Positive traits Negative traits 
Wise, veteran Bloodlust, crippled 
Tough, strong-mindedDeceitful, one-eyed 
Strong, content Fat, gluttonous 
Savage, Regeneration Greedy, paranoid 
Peaceful, eagle-eyed Short-sighted, skin burns
Pacifist, Miner Slow, stupid
Lucky, immune Tiny, 
Immortal, honest Unlucky
Golden tooth, giant Weak 
Genius, fast, Attractive, and agile Ugly 
Worldbox Mush Spore Trait

Final Thoughts

The traits include both positive and negative attributes, with each having a unique set of modifiers and abilities. For instance, the “Blessed” trait provides a 50% increase in damage, speed, and health along with a 10% boost in crit and armor modifiers. In contrast, the “Cursed” trait decreases the damage, speed, health, and attack speed modifiers by 50% along with a significant reduction in diplomacy and loyalty. 

Similarly, the”Eagle Eyed” trait provides a 10% accuracy and 15% crit boost, while the “Fat” trait reduces dodge, accuracy, and attack speed by 10%, and increases size by 2%.  some achievements, such as “The Demon,” “The Hell” and “The Dragonslayer” provide unique powers and modifiers.

Overall, the table provides an overview of the diverse traits and powers that players can use in the game to enhance their abilities and performance.

FAQ Related To Worldbox Unlock All Traits

You can get all the traits on Worldbox by downloading the mod we’ve provided and you can enjoy all the traits for free.

Yes, you can also buy traits with money or by leveling up as well but with this mod, you don’t need to buy traits, you can have them for free.

Yes, you can use it on mobile phones as well but if you won’t enjoy it there try it over pc to have more fun.

All traits have different characteristics and are best in their own way. It depends upon what kinda mood you are in either you need a positive trait or a negative one. My favorite one is Mush spores.

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