What Device Is Worldbox On? Best 4 Devices

You are a gaming geek and want to know what device is Worldbox on. It is easy to find for free on Google Play and the Apple app store for Android and iOS. But if you are looking for PC or Mac then you need to land on some gaming distribution platform. It is covered in detail in the article.

Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game that is available on different platforms or devices. It has a premium version for Android as well which you can get after paying some money or which you can also have by downloading a mod known as Worldbox Mod APK. This mod would provide you with all the premium features for free without needing to buy a premium version with money.

Apple Devices

Worldbox is also available on Mac/IOS and it can be downloaded from the Apple app store for free but to download its premium version on Mac/IOS you have to buy the premium version with money whereas you can also circumvent this situation by downloading a mod for free and get all of your favorite premium features for free. The mod for This is known as Worldbox mod APK on Mac/IOS. 

What device is Worldbox on?



Windows (PC)

To play Worldbox on PC you have to download it from Steam which isn’t free even at the start. So. On Steam you have to pay a certain amount of money to download Worldbox but the good news here is that we have made a mod for you to download Worldbox on PC for free. That mod is known as Worldbox mod ApK for PC. Having said that, you can get all the premium features on PC for free with this mod as well and can enjoy your Worldbox on every platform. 

Other Platforms

What device is Worldbox On? Which device is the best pick for you? It really depends on you what suits your interests. It is available on Linux, and iPad as well and the same process is getting followed on these platforms. 

Can My Computer Run Worldbox? 

Yes, your computer can also run Worldbox but make sure that your device is the latest one with a good processor and RAM. Core i5, and 5th generation or more to make it run smoothly there and a 64-bit operating system. On a computer, it’s not free. You have to pay some money to download it from Steam but you can also download a mod and run it free after installing that mod (Worldbox mod APK for PC) on the computer. Before downloading the mod you have to download and install an NCMS file to make it work there.

If you are one who’s concerned about gameplay experience, then know the difference between Worldbox mobile vs pc.

Is Worldbox Free On iPad? 

Yes, Worldbox is free on iPad. You can download it from the iPad app store by searching for it but if you want to have some in-app purchases or a premium version of it then obviously you have to pay a certain amount of money to get the premium features. 

Is Worldbox On Google Play? 

Yes, Worldbox is available on the Google play store on Android devices and it is a free download from there. To download Worldbox on a PC or your computer you can’t get it for free. You have to pay a certain amount of money and use a third platform (steam, epic game store) to get it. You won’t be able to get it from Google Play for free on your computer or PC. 

Final Thoughts

Worldbox is a sandbox-style game that you can get on multiple devices. It includes Android, iOS, PC, Mac, and iPad. There are multiple gaming platforms like Steam and Uplay that collaborate with Worldbox to give you a seamless PC gaming experience. But these platforms charge you for providing the premium features of the game. Read the article above for more detailed information about its subscription.

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