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Hello players! You all must be very excited because today we are going to satisfy your curiosity by telling you about the “Worldbox best race”. So, as you all know world box is a sandbox-style simulation game that gives all the liberty to its players. Well, I usually call this game three “Es” (3Es). Because with this game you can Explore, Experiment, and Evolve.

About Worldbox All Races

So, it basically has five races but with all the new updates these races keep on expanding and Maxim always adds a new race with every new update.

The five basic races include humans, orcs, elves, dwarfs, and goblins. The other races include lizards, zombies and hives, and much more which are about to be added with every new update. 

Worldbox Best Race
Worldbox All Races And Creatures

Every race has its own features and characteristics along with its own pros and cons but today we will tell you about our favorite race with all the rationales. So buckle up your horses we are about to tell you about your Worldbox Best RACE. 

Pros and Cons of all these races are: 

RaceCharacteristics Bad Attributes 
Human Versatile and Adaptable
Can excel in work
Trade routes
Average abilities 
No Specialized strengths like other races
Can suffer from disease and plague 
Elves Graceful and agile 
Skilled archers 
A strong love for nature 
Magic of healing
lost in the forest 
Physically weaker than other races
Overwhelmed in close combat 
Vulnerable to diseases and poison 
DwarvesExpert miners and craftsmen
Dig tunnels and extract valuable resources 
Resistance to poison and disease 
Short, sturdy creatures 
Slow and not very agile
Vulnerable to ranged attacks
Weakness against fire
Orcs Excellent warriors 
Powerful creature 
High pain tolerance 
Regenerate health
Resistance to fire
Very aggressive 
Attack other races without provocation 
Unpopular with others
Weakness with water and drowning easily
Goblins Skilled thieves and assassins.
Hide in the shadows
Resistant to disease 
Can detect hidden enemies 
Small and weak 
Vulnerable to physical attacks 
Not good at combat
Low tolerance for pain
Lizards Cold-blooded 
Fast movement
Poisonous bite 
Resistance to poison 
Good at hiding
Agility and Combat
Vulnerable to a cold environment
Can be attacked easily 
Limited tool use
Poor social skills
Easily burned to death
Hives Collective consciousness
Fast reproduction
Acidic attacks
Lack of individuality
Vulnerability to fire
Limited resource gathering
Limited creativity
Difficulty in diplomacy
Zombies Undead
Infectious bite
High durability 
Slow movement
Lack of intelligence
Vulnerable to fire 
Vulnerable to headshots

Worldbox All RACES
Diversity mod adding new races to the Worldbox race
Diversity Mod To Add Three New Races To Worldbox

Worldbox Worst Race

Worldbox doesn’t have an official “Worldbox worst race” but depending upon a user analysis we have figured out that it varies from person to person because every race has some specific characteristics or features, so sometimes you may like one race more based on your preferences at that time.

As far as the analysis is concerned we have figured out that the least popular race is Lizards among all the other ones but again it may differ according to your situation as you can use still them or use them accordingly.

How TO Download/How To Install Worldbox Best RACE Mod?

Download Worldbox best race mod & NCMS file.

Click on the download link which says NCMS file

Once it’s downloaded you will see NCMS.dl file

Now you need to copy this file.

After that go to Steam library and click on Worldbox and then click on manage gear.

After clicking on manage gear click properties, then local files, and then make sure to click on browse 

Then go to Worldbox data, steaming assets, and then mods.

Once you’re here right click and paste.

See the file NCMS.dl here 

After that close this file and open the game 

Now you won’t see anything new in the game. So in order to make it work you’ll go to the settings of your game and scroll down and go to experimental mode and then activate the experimental mode. 

When you do that you’ll see the option of mods in your game 

Download Worldbox Best RACE Mod from here and see it in the Mod manager of your game.

Now download your favorite mod and it’ll be visible in the mod manager, now you’ve already installed NCMS. You don’t need to install it again and now you’ll open Worldbox. 

Click on the game go to mods and then install the mod

Sometimes mod needs the game to be restarted. So restart the game and enjoy it boom!

Our Review Regarding Worldbox Best RACE

So lately we were talking about all the races but let’s talk about our favorite one. Our favorite one is the human race because this is what gives the game a real experience. This race is a balanced one because it has balanced traits Which makes everything real as well.  So, Worldbox’s best race according to us is human

In this article, we will provide you a mod known as Diversity mod which will give you 3 new races for getting the zombie race you can check out Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse on our website and download the mod from there to get all zombies.  

hUmans as the worldbox best race fighting a combat

Human Race

Humans are my favorite race because they are adaptable, they have some best social skills due to which they can make alliances and can do trade work and other things, can also maintain peace with different kingdoms, and can also excel in work like farming, and mining, etc to make up a living. So, this race has everything.

They are not undead which is also good and they are susceptible to disease, and infections because this allows us to experiment with different people along with some new characteristics. So I love this race because it makes everything so real.

Elf Race

Elves have some supernatural abilities but they also have some disadvantages. The best thing that I like about elves is Elves can heal themselves and others as well and they can be lost in the forest and can never be found. They are also skilled archers but can lose any combat easily because they are physically weak.

Comparison between 4 races of worldbox

Dwarf Race

Dwarves are cute. Well, at least I found them cute. The best thing about dwarves is they cannot get sick with any disease or poison. They can do deep research and can gather resources due to their expert mining and crafting skills.

Apart from that they can also produce alcohol and can make powerful weapons due to their abilities but they also have some disadvantages which cannot be ignored and due to this they are excluded from the Worldbox best race criteria they are short and not very agile and can easily burn to death

Orcs Race

Orcs are strong and are very beneficial In combat but at the same time they are very fierce and aggressive due to which they have no social skills and other races don’t like them because they can attack uninvited. Moreover, they are very selfish and love to be healthy so In order to gain health they can eat their own kind known as cannibalism.

They have great resilience to diseases and are good at agriculture. Their crafting abilities aren’t good and they are usually termed idiots or goofs because of their low intelligence. They usually aren’t good with making alliances and hence can’t be termed as Worldbox’s best race. 

Goblins Race

Goblins are very quick, fast, and can move around undetected. They can launch surprise attacks on the enemy but are usually not trustworthy because of their stealing habits.

They are very brainy and can even produce a poison which can defend their tribe but can weaken the enemy territory. They are weak in combat because they are physically weak. They aren’t good with farming as well and can get infected with diseases easily. They have bad diplomacy skills due to which they can’t be the best race in worldbox. 

Goblins, Hives and Lizards as The worldbox race

Lizards Race

Lizards are cold-blooded so they are not adaptable when it comes to temperature. They cannot resist cold temperatures and can easily be burnt down by fire. But God Forbid their sting is so poisonous that it will kill you with all the pain.

So I must say never mess up with a lizard race because they can be very helpful in combat and they are immune to poison and diseases but still can be burnt down so, According to us nah!! Not the best race 

Hives Race

Hives have collective consciousness which means all members of this race have a collective mind due to which they share a single mind. Their coordination and team-building skills will blow your mind because they can work together through distance. Even across the maps, they can teleport their members to build new colonies and strategic movements. T

They do acidic attacks and are the heroes but they can work better as a team and as an individual, they lack in quite a lot of things. They don’t have individuality. They can be burned to death due to which I won’t classify them as the super race. 

Zombies Race

Zombies can cause devastation at a massive level because they are undead and can infect every other creature that passes by them. We have a mod of zombies which you can download and a detailed article about all of their characteristics and features on our website. So check out the Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse for downloading the zombie mod of Worldbox and to knowing more about it.

You can also add a power box to your Worldbox and can also enjoy the best tools and best weapons for free by downloading mods for all the tools, weapons, and armor. 

Moreover, you can also unlock all traits of Worldbox without leveling up by downloading only one single mod.

So here’s to more experimenting with Worldbox! Have fun

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse

Final Thoughts 

it is very personal which race is best for Worldbox but most people like the human race more than any other race whereas every race comes with its own pros n cons along with some advantages and disadvantages. It depends upon players what race they need and for what purpose.

So maybe at one time, it seems to u that human is the world’s best race but at the other time as per you and your game need you to find that hives are the world’s best race. 

So it is very subjective which race is the world’s best race and varies from player to player. 

We cannot categorize a single race as the best one because every race has its own benefits and flaws that can be needed by anyone at any time while playing the game. 

So tada enjoy your world box with all the races!

Moreover, the mod that we have provided you in this article will add three new races to your world box including the hives, goblins, and lizards. Install this mod and never stop experimenting with your world.

Diversity mod adding new races to the Worldbox race

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