Super Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse That Blows Your Mind (0.51 Update)

What if Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse happens on Earth? Nahh! It can’t happen what if? So, Let’s imagine you’d wake up one day with the news that the Zombie apocalypse pandemic happened on Earth.

It is infecting everyone it’s coming across to. Now you are hearing this news, Meanwhile, the news reporter who is telling you the news gets infected with a zombie infection. Damn! Are u scared now?

Zombie Pandemic

Well, I believe you must be very scared when you see the person who is your best friend sitting next to you but suddenly get infected by the zombie Apocalypse and you have to kill him to save your life. 

Just imagining this situation made me scared to the core of my heart. So, let’s dive deep into the worldbox most interesting, and destructive trait which is Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse. 

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse
Zombie Apocalypse Infection

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse

The Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse is not present in the original version of the game. it’s not present in the default settings of the Android version but you have to buy a premium feature to play it.

you also need to level up to unlock this trait, which I know is quite disturbing because you like us want to have non-stop fun. So, that’s why we made a mod for you which can give you all unlocked traits for free. you just have to install this mod in the right way and the most important thing in the installing process is unzipping the file and downloading the NCMS file before unzipping. we will provide you with a step to step guide for how to download the world box zombie apocalypse file in this article.

About Worldbox Game

Worldbox is a sandbox-style game that gives players the freedom to make their own world without any rules and regulations. The game itself doesn’t have any rules and gives all the freedom to players to make their own rules. That’s why it is very popular among players. Players can Prosper in their world and can also destroy it. Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse is one of the ways to destroy your world in front of your own eyes.

In Worldbox, the apocalypse represents the end of the world in different ways. Your world will be destroyed after any apocalypse. The destruction that can happen with any apocalypse uses different traits, weapons, and tools. Meteor strikes, floods, disasters, earthquakes, Worldbox Zombie apocalypse, and fires are all the ways by which apocalypse can happen and can destroy your world and turn it into ashes.

As we mentioned earlier, Worldbox gives all liberty to the players, so it’s very true because Apocalypse also has a turn-on and turn-off switch and it’s also an optional feature. Moreover, the player has complete control over its frequency and severity as well. Worldbox does what it says in a pretty fun way. That’s why we love the game. Species, civilizations, and populations struggle to survive during an apocalypse.

Zombie Apocalypse also destroys the world but let’s dive deep into how it does that. In this article, we will tell you about Workdbox Zombie Apocalypse and every feature it has. After an apocalypse it is very hard for species to survive and for a player as well but the player can always make a new world from the ashes of the old one and can also see it prosper.

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse turns every creature and civilization into zombies to destroy the world. And zombies can be killed by destroying their brains

Zombie Infection Apocalypse

Features of Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse

It spreads from one creature to another quickly causing the infection to spread rapidly throughout the world. 

It also attacks other creatures but they attack differently, moving slower and attacking rapidly but they can be killed by destroying their brains.

Species and creatures who have immune traits cannot get infected by it even if they infect them.

So, the only way to save your specie from the zombie Apocalypse is to have an immune trait.

It doesn’t have any cure but surely there must be some ways in which players can research in the worldbox laboratories and from scientists to cure their infected species.

Zombies roaming around

The Gameplay of Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse

  • The Zombie Apocalypse adds an interesting twist to the game which makes it even more interesting to play.  Players find it fun and interesting whether it’s about destroying the world with a zombie Apocalypse, finding a cure to a zombie Apocalypse, or spreading the infection.
  • So, have fun and enjoy the game with this interesting trait you have! And if you don’t have it at the moment you can get it from a mod easily. You can download this mod from our website worldbox mod APK unlock all traits or can also get it naturally by leveling up. You can also have it by buying a premium feature of the game or by downloading a mod Worldbox Mod APK
  • Zombies are very fast and sharp in general. They are evil humanoid creatures and play with their brains and can also be lured by their golden brain of theirs.
  • The interesting thing about Zombie Apocalypse is that zombies are of different colors and their colors are depictions of their race. 
  • Green color zombies are human zombies, yellow zombies are dwarves, and purple zombies are orcs. 
  • Talking about their appearance on other creatures like animals and monsters. They appear differently on them. On monsters, it can be a breakdown in the form of wounds whereas, on civilized creatures, they lose their weapons and accessories after turning into a zombie but keep their armor and melee weapons and dragons get new traits after turning into zombies.
  • Lemme give you another idea of playing with Zombies So, for instance Aj and Bud two friends have an idea of selling zombie juice to other worlds, thus making it possible by squeezing zombies and selling them out there. Zombie Catchers mod Apk is a game where you can hunt zombies and then turn them into delicious desserts and juices.
Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse Features
Zombie Apocalypse Features
Speed of attack 110
Age Immortal 
Damage 24%
Base speed 10
Critical hit and base armor0%

History Of Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse Trait

This trait wasn’t present at first when originally worldbox was released but Maxim Karpenko added it in the upcoming updates with every new update he made the best version of this trait.

The Zombie Apocalypse trait was added initially in the 0.1.43 update 

0.1.59 update fixed them

0.2.104 got them stronger 

0.4.1 which was released in 2020 and also the latest update made them even stronger so that they can infect other creatures and also fixed them.

The other updates named crab update, Xmas update, and boat update also added zombies in their own way.

0 5.1 update which is a crab update only added zombies 

In the next update which is boat update(0.6187) all four races of zombies were added and in the last update Xmas and (0.6.189) new types of zombies for animals and races were added.

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse History
Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse History

How to Download Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse Trait

Download NCMS File from the above-provided button or you can also download it by clicking here.

Unzip that file and place it in your Worldbox folder.

Download the mod file from the above-mentioned download button Worldbox unlock Zombie Apocalypse Trait Mod.

Install this file as well.

Now copy the installed files to your world box folder and you’re almost there to enjoy your favorite world box zombie apocalypse trait.

If it’s installed then launch it, play it, and have fun.

For more mods, you can visit our website.

Our Review

So, we love this weird yet interesting trait of Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse and we were trying our best to have it but having it either requires money to buy the premium feature of the game or skill to level up yourself to unlock this trait of the game.

But then we thought we need to make a mod to save this hassle for everyone and to give them the true freedom of playing it the way they want to play it.

with this mod, you can enjoy the true essence of this destructive trait and we love it.

Zombie Apocalypse

Final Thoughts

Worldbox Zombie Apocalypse trait helps destroy the world with a zombie infection and it infects every creature. it doesn’t have any cure. its features and traits are mentioned above.

You can download its mod and enjoy it for free from the above-mentioned link. With this trait, the virus spreads out, infects creatures, and turns them into zombies. They infect every living creature they encounter except for those who have an immune trait. If a player wants to go further then he can research a cure to save his population from the infection.

To summarize it all World is a fun game that gives all the freedom to the player and makes it exciting with different traits, tools, and weapons.

destruction with zombie apocalypse

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