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I believe you had fun creating the sand houses and castles and then governing the system of your world, Right? Worldbox Mod APk for Pc is a sandbox-style simulation game that gives you autonomy to become the creator of your world or you can instigate a war. Let’s explore more on the Wroldbox for pc.

Worldbox is available on different platforms like iOS, Android, and Windows/Mac. It was released for the PC in 2019. With all the powers to create or destroy your world, you must pay for its subscription to enjoy it on your pc. Well, there is nothing to worry about because we are going to provide you with the Worldbox mod Apk download file which you can install on your pc and get your hands on all the features of this game for free.

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Worldbox Mod Apk Download
App NameWorldBox – Sandbox
Version 0.22.15
UpdatedJust now
PlatformIOS, macOS, Android
Modified version All premium features are unlocked
Developer Maxim Karpenko
File Size134 MB
Worldbox mod APK for PC

About Worldbox APK For PC

You’ve to purchase Worldbox with money for a PC to play, but it’s a one-time purchase on PC whereas on Android it’s usually free but if you want to enjoy its premium version then you will have to buy it with money. 

The other method that is for free and with which you can enjoy the premium version of Worldbox over mobile is the Worldbox mod APK.

There are different mods for different premium features of Worldbox which include Worldbox powerbox mod, world box unlock all traits, and Worldbox best armor and weapons. Worldbox Unlimited shopping is also a mod version of Worldbox due to which u can get every favorite feature of Worldbox for free. 

Now if we talk about the difference between Worldbox APK for PC and Worldbox on mobile then there’s a detailed article on our website comparing Worldbox games on both the platforms 

Worldbox Mod APK For PC Features

What’s New In V0.22.18?

Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game in which you can create or destroy your world with God-like tools and powers. You can manipulate your environment, your populations, creatures, kingdoms, and civilizations. Its key features include:

Better Graphics: The graphics on PC are better than the Android version. colors of the game look more radiant on a PC than on a mobile phone because of the large screen it has.

More Complexed Maps: Due to the better graphics and large screen you can view more complex maps on a PC and you can also save them to view later.

Controls: Worldbox can be played with a mouse and keyboard on a PC with which usually people are not comfortable as compared to the touch screen interface.

Sandbox: the sandbox is a mode where players can experiment with their world by manipulating creatures and then they can also save their world. 

God-like Powers: Worldbox God-like powers include commanding creatures and civilizations and controlling the weather. It also includes destroying your world with disasters. You can be an evil ruler and you can be the Best God .this game gives you all the freedom to do whatever you want with your world so that you can have fun. 

Armors: Worldbox also has some best armor and weapons with which creatures can defend themselves and they can also use some strong weapons for the attack. 

Traits: All creatures and populations have different traits. You can use these traits to have more fun. Some traits in the Worldbox game are unlocked whereas most of the traits you can have by upgrading your level and passing all the challenges. Whereas, you can also download a mod to enjoy all the traits for free and you can also purchase the traits with money if the mod doesn’t work for you. 

Powerbox: Worldbox has a powerbox as well. With the powerbox trait, you can have more fun. You will have all the freedom to manipulate your world with all of our powers. You can either make ur world with powers and you can also destroy your world with these powers.

On PC worldbox is more fun for some players because it has better graphics on PC, and more complex maps can also be easily seen on PC. You can also save your world and then watch it afterward. 


The Gameplay Of Worldbox For PC 

Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game where you can create and destroy your own world. The best thing about Worldbox is it gives complete freedom to its players the way they wanna play it.

 If you wanna be a good God you can be and if you wanna create devastation, you can be evil as well. So it gives you all the freedom. It is a very creative game and allows players to experiment as much as they want. There’s nothing in your world that you cannot do.

It is an animation video game developed by indie game developer Maxim Karpenko and was released in 2012. With every new update, Maxim develops the game with new features.

Now with the last update, you can customize the banners of your kingdom and symbols as well. you can also control the traits of creatures and can also customize those traits as well. With the latest update which was released on March 12 on Steam and on 13 and 14 on IOS and Android versions, Maxim added kings clans and kingdoms can form alliances and we are super excited to tell you about all that.

For more details about the next update, you can visit the article Worldbox Release date on our website.

How To Download and Install Worldbox Mod Apk 0.22.18 for PC? 

Worldbox Mod Apk file is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. Mostly what happens is that you download the file but it does not work on your pc, why? It happens because the game mod might not be compatible with your operating system or you haven’t downloaded the necessary rendering/host software.

How To Download & Install Worldbox Mod, Blue Stacks, And Jojoy?

You can download Worldbox Mod APK for your PC by following these very simple and basic steps. you need to follow all the steps one by one. Make sure not to skip any step.


Step 1- Click on the download Emulator.

Step 2- Once blue stacks (emulator: software that acts as a host to some other device i.e. phone. Allows you to start playing Worldbox on the pc exactly from where you left off on the PC ) is downloaded then download the Worldbox mod apk file and it will automatically open in the blue stacks.

Step 3- When you open the Worldbox Mod file in the emulator game will not run! and you get a pop-up notification asking you to Install the Jojoy app for playing the game (you’ve to get that).

Step 4- Within the Blue Stacks emulator you will see an option to download the apps and games from Play Store (integrated). Log in to your Google account and search for the Jojoy app or import it in the blue stacks (after downloading the jojoy app from the aforementioned button).

Step 5- When Worldbox is launched after Jojoy is installed in the Blue Stacks, you are all set to enjoy the seamless gaming experience!

Step 6- Now your game will load and be ready to play successfully on your PC. Have fun playing the game!

Download worldbox Mod APK unlimited Shopping
Worldbox on PC for free

Our Review Of Worldbox For PC/How Much Is Worldbox On PC?

Considering everything since the release of this game it overall has all the positive ratings and reviews. When it was first released on 27, November 2022, it has more than 14000 positive reviews on Steam with 94% of them being positive. Worldbox on Steam is 12.99 USD which is the base game price and additional DLCs and content range in price from 1.99$ to 9.99$.

The best thing about this game is players can never get bored of it. You can even play it for continuous four hours and you would still feel like those were your happy four hours. What to do if you get bored? Well even if you get bored of this game, you can destroy your world and turn it into ashes with nuclear bombs, and then you can start all over again to add something new to it.

So, this game is fun always. 

Did You Know?

Instead of Purchasing a premium version of worldbox, you can download the modified version of all traits, tools, powerbox, and weapons to unlock them and enjoy them for free.

Frequently Asked Questions About Worldbox APK For PC

No, Worldbox is not free on PC. it’s free on Android via the play store but on PC you have to purchase it. it’s a one-time buy on a PC.

you can download it for free on your android mobiles but you still would have to pay for premium features of the game including the powerbox, all traits, and for getting all weapons as well.

Yeah, by downloading the above-provided mod with all the steps you can get worldbox APK for PC free.

No, for getting different benefits for example: for getting all traits you have to download and unlock all traits mod for free, and similarly for getting powerbox you’ve to download a different mod but the good thing is you can get all the mods of worldbox from our website for free. So, it’s a one-stop solution for all worldbox lovers.

Worldbox on steam is 12.99 USD which is the base game price, but with additional perks it’s price vary from 1.99 to 9.99$ for the perks.

Final Thoughts

Worldbox APK is a pretty great and fun video game that is different than the usual versions of the game. Maxim Karpenko has developed it but it is paid mostly. For enjoying it on a PC you’ve to purchase it. People love to purchase it but there are some people who don’t have money to purchase it so, for those people and for their unlimited shopping of Worldbox without money we have developed some mods.

we’ve developed mods for everything and compiled them on this one single platform which is our website known as www.theworldboxapk.com. You can get every mod from here and you don’t have to purchase anything on your own because here, we’ve got you covered.

So, download this mod to keep playing Worldbox on PC and have all the fun!

Good luck experimenting with your World!

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