Worldbox Advanced Civilization(Top 3 Interesting Queries)

Hey peeps! I know you must be very curious to know about Worldbox Advanced Civilization so without further delay let’s get you to that. 

Worldbox advanced civilization is actually an achievement that you can get after completing a certain milestone ( just like all the other achievements about which we’ve talked earlier). This achievement requires some special attention because it’s a famous one and everyone wants to have it.

To unlock this achievement you need to build an advanced civilization which means you need to make a higher level of civilization.

Worldbox Advanced Civilization

How to Get Worldbox Advanced Civilization Achievement?

To unlock Worldbox’s advanced civilization there is a fixed number or a milestone that you have to achieve. You have to have at least 500 people or a population of 500 to unlock this Achievement. As its name shows your civilization must also have advanced cities including buildings, roads, and armies. The player needs to flourish in this advanced civilization by involving himself in a trade or with new technologies to make it better.

The civilization must have a strong infrastructure and the society must be considered as advanced. After doing these things the player would be able to unlock Worldbox advanced civilization achievement although it won’t give anything specific to the player in terms of reward except the personal satisfaction of achieving a milestone and some new creative gameplay possibilities.

Worldbox Buildings in MODERN world

About Worldbox Advanced Civilization

You can use some premium features and traits as well and by using them you can create an advanced civilization. If you haven’t bought the premium features of worldbox don’t worry, we have some free mods available. So check out Worldbox Mod APK and download the Worldbox Powerbox mod to enjoy Worldbox and to make yourself more creative with the game.

Moreover, all these tools will help you create an advanced civilization. If you want to have some Best armor and weapons and they are not available to you at the moment, you can still have them by downloading Best Armors and Weapons mod to build the best possible army with all the resources and weapons to defend and attack.

This will make your society more advanced and your society will be able to stand out. This achievement will symbolize your skills, expertise, and success in creating an advanced and prosperous society.

Now the question arises here, “How to Build an advanced civilization”?

How To Build An Advanced Civilization?

The first thing that you should have to build an advanced civilization is resources. For building an advanced civilization provide your inhabitants with an abundance of resources. Because building an advanced civilization doesn’t mean that your numbers should be met only, it means that your community should have everything to prosper.

They should have essentials of daily living including food, water, and raw materials so that you can distribute them evenly within your population. Your advanced civilization should have the following things to flourish.

Strong infrastructure: Your civilization must have a strong infrastructure which means it should have buildings, roads, cities, and bridges as well. Build these structures to improve the quality of life for your inhabitants to grow and prosper.

Innovation with Technology: An advanced civilization not only should have a good infrastructure but also be at the top in the digital world. It should be known for its technology and innovative ideas to prosper.

Education: The population of an advanced civilization must be educated as well in different disciplines. Make sure your inhabitants have all the resources for the best education and must be skilled enough in all areas of life.

Good law and order with Peace: An advanced civilization must have a peaceful environment to thrive and prosper. The law and order should be strong to take care of its inhabitants and to ensure the safety and well-being of the population. 

Worldbox Speed-Up Time

Everything You Need To Know About Worldbox Speed-Up Time

Many of you are very tired of the speed of Worldbox and you don’t know how to do Worldbox speed up time. We have a solution for you. For Worldbox speed-up time there is a built-in feature of the game just tap on the clock that is on the right-hand side of the screen. After tapping on it there will come a menu that will allow you to adjust the speed of time in the game.

There is a pause in the game as well as adjusting the speed settings.

The pauses button in the game pauses the game and all creatures but you’d be able to use the abilities and nothing will happen to your game.

You can adjust the time by 1x-5x. 1x is usually the normal speed then comes 2x,3x,4x,and 5x.

Now here you can choose between three speeds normal, fast, and very fast. Normal speed is the default speed and maybe you are playing on a normal speed but now to have more fun you wanna make the speed of time fast. Well by doing this the time of your world will pass quickly 

Increasing the speed may give you some lags as well if you are playing on a device that has low processing power. Some game features may start getting lagged so only shifting to normal speed can fix it or the only option you’d have in such a case scenario is shifting to normal speed.

Worldbox Speed-Up time

Worldbox Speed-Up Time Mod

It’s also available in the Worldbox power box mod. you would go to the debug menu in the Worldbox Powerbox Mod and you’d be able to increase the speed. here’s the powerbox mod for you

Worldboix powerbox mod

Worldbox Debug Menu 

I saw your queries on Worldbox debug menu lately. You all are very excited about it but you have some concerns so lemme address those concerns. The Worldbox debug menu is a menu that is not present in the defaulted settings or in the regular interface of the game.

You can access some great tools, can manipulate the environment of your game, and can have access to those settings which are normally not there in the game. You can also add or remove some resources, change the terrain, spawn or delete some entities altogether and adjust various settings yourself.

So, that means it makes you experiment with the game even more. So, let’s dive more deeply into it and see the pros and cons of the Worldbox Debug Menu.

Worldbox debug menu



  • With this debug menu, you don’t need to pay for the entire game to test different scenarios and in-game mechanics. You can test and experiment without getting to play the entire game 
  • Risk of corrupting save files: your saved files can be corrupted and you won’t be able to recover them. 
  • You can fix some bugs or glitches that may be affecting the game.
  • it can provide you with a lot of unfair resources to spawn your world with.
  • You can customize the game according to your own needs
  • This is an unofficial platform there isn’t a lot of support available on how to use it.
  • You can create a unique and interesting world according to your own preference.
  • It can mess up with the AI of the game and also with game mechanics at times and this may result in unpredictable behavior of the game which can negatively affect the player.

About Worldbox Debug Menu

Sorry for breaking that to you but first of all the debug menu wasn’t for you guys( I mean players). It was for developers and advanced users because it allows access to various debugging tools that can modify game behavior and state altogether and why normal players shouldn’t use it because it has some drawbacks that you won’t be able to deal with as a normal world box player.

Less challenging: well it gives you sometimes quite unfair advantages which makes the game less interesting to play for example it can provide you with a lot of resources to spawn your world with.

Unofficial and limited understanding: so this is an unofficial platform there isn’t a lot of support available on how to use it. So, a limited understanding of its use can cause some serious problems in the game. It can mess up with the AI of the game and also with game mechanics at times and this may result in unpredictable behavior of the game which can negatively affect the player.

But at the end to sum it all we would like to say, “It is a great tool for developers and some advanced users but it should be used with caution when normal players are using it”

Worldbox debug menu

Where is the Worldbox Debug menu available?

To access the Worldbox Debug menu you need to enable it first and this is how you would do that 

Open Worldbox and start a new game 

Tap on the “menu button” in the top left corner of the screen 

Tap on the “settings” button 

Scroll down until you see the “developer options” section.

Tap on the toggle switch next to the “debug menu” to enable it

Once you have enabled the debug menu you can access it by tapping on the menu button and then tapping on debug at the bottom of the screen.

All Debug tools

Our Review

Worldbox Advanced Civilization is a great achievement to play with and it’s pretty fun too. whereas, the queries related to Worldbox Speed-up time and Worldbox Debug Menu are very real. so, this is the need of the hour to have a better understanding of these things so that the game would be more fun to play.

We as a team had fun crafting these for you. these were the questions that were coming into our minds as well so, we tried to figure it out together and then we thought let’s help other world box geeks so it’d be more fun to play for everyone.

Final Words

At last, we would like to say that Worldbox advanced civilization achievement, world box speed-up time, and Worldbox debug menu is actually the very cool features of world box that make the game more interesting and fun to play. With the help of these, you can be more creative and can experiment with your game in different scenarios. They will help you through everything. 

So never stop experimenting but with caution!

Have fun, you Worldbox lovers!

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