How To Get All Achievements In Worldbox? (All amazing 34)

I am sure that you all must be very excited that you are going to have your favorite set of Worldbox Achievements without doing much effort. Or you also must be very excited that finally, you all are going to get the answer to the most frequently asked question which is, “How to get all achievements in Worldbox”? Well, it sounds hard because world box almost has 34 achievements in total. 

How to get all achievements in worldbox?

About Woldbox Achievements

Getting all of these achievements in one go is a pretty wholesome task. So those of you who are new here or who are new in the world box game, don’t worry we have got u covered as well. So Worldbox achievements as its name shows are achievements that you can have or unlock as you make your way through the game or as you progress through the game.

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What Are Worldbox Achievements?

Every time you complete a certain task that the game needs you to complete you will be awarded an achievement as a reward. Having said that, lemme tell you about all the achievements of the World Box, their characteristics, and how to get all the achievements in the world box without completing certain tasks. In this article, we will tell you how to get all your achievements in the world box. So here we go, peeps!

How to get all achievements in worldbox?

List Of All Worldbox Achievements

So you all must be very curious to know about all of the Worldbox achievements so let me take you there and explain them to you. All of the achievements in Worldbox are cool and there are 34 achievements in total. 

Lemme Enlist them and explain them to you step by step.

  • Creator
  • Settler
  • Builder
  • Master Builder
  • Destruction
  • Doomed
  • Warrior
  • Peacemaker
  • Zombie Apocalypse
  • Infection
  • Vampire Lord
  • Hunter
  • Dragon Tamer and Dino Tamer
  • Angelic
  • Demon Achievement
  • Super Power and Monster Achievement
  • Atlantis
  • Ancient one
  • Godly
  • plague
  • Dead World
  • Space and Tech Achievement
  • Mad Scientist
  • Builder Of Empires
  • Territorial
  • Avian
  • Tornado


This is the achievement with which you can create your own new world. This can also be termed the beginning 

Creator achievement


This achievement settles everyone (lol as its name shows) if you have just started out with the world box and you are unable to unlock this achievement then don’t worry this achievement will be unlocked when you have a population of 50. This means you need to have fifty people living in the same village to unlock this Achievement. This achievement doesn’t give you anything specifically rather it will provide you with some new gameplay possibilities.

Settler achievement


This achievement is about buildings. You have to construct 50 buildings to unlock this achievement. These buildings can be anything i:e: farms, mines, workshops, etc. Again this achievement won’t give you any specific thing except some new customization possibilities but you would have some exposure after building the 50 buildings which means by these achievements maxim is actually encouraging you guys to be creative with the game and to explore.

Master builder

As its name shows are related to building more buildings and the exact number is 200. This achievement can be unlocked after building these 200 buildings but again it won’t give you any benefit in the game except the satisfaction that you’ve achieved it. The population would also increase because obviously, you need people to work and live in these buildings so the population that you would have may be up to 500 or more than that 

Worldbox different achievements


You need to create destruction to unlock this achievement. And yeah it also has a markup point which means you need to create destruction of 5000 points to unlock this achievement and you can create this destruction by using some natural disasters and other stuff. It won’t give you anything specifically but you will have new gameplay possibilities due to your creativity and skill in the game.

Destruction Achievement


You have to extinct one race to unlock this achievement. Well, this achievement for sure is brutal. You have to kill every member of a particular race either with a meteorite or with other disasters. It will also provide you with some new gameplay experiences but it won’t give you anything else specifically.

Worldbox Destruction


The player has to train one specific race as his/her military unit to unlock this achievement. The specific race can be humans or orcs. By unlocking this achievement player can have defense,(able to defend his population), Conquest( can fight with other military units of kingdoms to conquer) resource gathering( can be sent out in the game to explore and gather resources).

This is beneficial for those who wanna have quick resources to manipulate their worlds with more army or with more funds) and diplomacy as well. So having this achievement can have a number of benefits for the overall population.



Keep the peace between two rival kingdoms and then you will have the badge of a peacemaker 

Zombie Apocalypse: this is a great and fun achievement, actually we have a whole separate article on this one so go check that out, mate.

Infected achievement: this again is a milestone achievement that you can unlock by infecting 1000 population of a kingdom 

Vampire lord: this one is actually similar to the infected achievement but wouldn’t it be more fun to see vampires in real? Well, I love vampires and I hope you do too. But I can hope only. To get it you need to have the vampirism trait enabled in your game settings.

destruction with zombie apocalypse

Hunter: as its name shows you need to kill some animals to get this trait. The number of animals varies depending on the version of the game you are playing. 


Dragon tamer and Dino tamer are somehow the same achievements to unlock them you have to train and tame a dragon.

Destruction with dragons

Angelic and demon achievements are opposite achievements. For getting angelic achievement you create angels and help other races and for demons, you create demons and destroy everything to get this trait.

SuperPower And Monster Achievements

They are also the opposite. To get superpower achievement you need to use superpowers multiple times like lightning, fire, and freeze. You can also download the Powerbox mod and the best armor and weapons to do this. As you use these powers and cause destruction you will have this achievement.

Similarly, to earn the monster achievements you have to create and use the monsters available in the game such as dragons, Kraken, or giant spiders. As you mayhem with these monsters you will get this achievement.

Atlantis: for this achievement to unlock you need to create an underwater city. In other words, to get this achievement you need to have access to advanced technology such as submarines, aircraft, jet fighters, etc.

Ancient one: you need to create a civilization that has wizards and other magical beings as well as buildings and structures related to magic. They require time and effort to unlock but they will have benefits for that as well.

Godly: For this achievement to unlock, you need to create a god that is worshipped by followers 

Worldbox craetures

Plague: you need to create a disease and wipe out a population to unlock this achievement 

Dead world: you need to turn the entire world into a barren wasteland that must be devoid of life.

Space and tech achievement: you can unlock space achievement by sending civilization into space and colonizing other planets and tech achievement is unlocked by reaching the highest possible level of technological advancements in the game with advanced weapons and machinery. You can also get a mod to have some best-advanced weapons and machines and for that download our armors and weapons mod.

Worldbox Space

Mad scientist: this achievement can be unlocked when you would be able to make a specific number of potions( potions are magical beings and spells) and they can be obtained from Worldbox Nexus platform in modded form as well. you can make your potions by combining different elements, fire, and water to create a steam potion or earth and water to create a mud potion.

Builder of empires: you need to build 10 cities to unlock this one. (Unlike Bob the Builder, I hope you remember those cartoons)

Territorial: this achievement is unlocked when you would own all territories in a world.

Avian: this achievement will be unlocked when you have an avian race which means that you need to have at least 200 flying creatures in your world. You need to make a suitable environment for flying creatures such as a world with many islands or large areas of water 

Aquatic: create an aquatic race

How To Get Tornado Achievement In Worldbox? 

Tornado master: use a tornado to destroy a city but the condition here is the tornado has to last for 10 real minutes. Isn’t it challenging to obtain? Well, that’s the fun part because tornadoes are actually natural disasters and you need to experiment with different weather settings to get that.

You need to summon a tornado and have to destroy at least 500 buildings, creatures, and objects. You can summon a tornado by selecting a tornado button on the bottom of the screen and then tapping the location where you want it to appear. The tornado will then start moving in the direction of the wind destroying everything in its path.

Although it may take some time and achievement to get that don’t worry you will get it eventually and if not by this method then obviously there are mods available for this purpose as well.

How To Get The Kings of Kings Achievement in Worldbox?

Well it’s fascinating to have this achievement, isn’t it but it’s equally hard as well. To get this achievement you need to have at least 10 kings ruling at the same time in your world.

To have this you need to first create a civilization that would have a monarchy structure and then you would have to grow a population there to a sufficient level where they can afford to have 10 kings at the same time. You need to build the resources for that as well.

You need to ensure that your population must have all sufficient resources to have this achievement. Your population must have castles and each castle has a king. This seems difficult to have Achievement but its results are promising. It Is for those players who wanna polish their skills even more.

 Touch The Grass Achievement Worldbox 

Touch the Grass achievement is fascinating because it involves zooming in the camera to the point where you can see the ground and then touching it with a click to create some grass and then ultimately forest.

So somewhere they say that you need to make at least 1000 forests to unlock this achievement but we don’t think that it’s necessary. You can create your forest by touching grass and then you can use that wood as a resource for several things.

For fire and for making weapons etc. Although, unlocking this achievement won’t give you any special benefits except personal satisfaction and some new updates regarding gameplay experiences but it’s worth trying. So do it and enjoy. 

How To Get The Demon Achievement In Worldbox?

Demon achievement as its name shows is a deadly demon trait with which you can cause chaos and destruction in everyone’s life and certainly in your world. So that means you need to spawn your world with demons on the map and let them cause destruction. You need to summon and control at least 10 demons to unlock this achievement.

To spawn demons you can use the summon demon power Available in the game. Once you have summoned a demon you can control it by giving it some commands and by tapping on it. You can make them kill other creatures, as well as buildings, and in short, destroy your whole world so good luck with that. 

Our Review

Worldbox achievements are the most interesting ones because How to get all achievements in Worldbox is the most frequently asked query. To get all achievements in Worldbox you have to follow a set of rules and fulfill some conditions which are required by each achievement then you’d be able to unlock it.

Unlocking the achievements won’t give you some special new benefits but it would give you satisfaction and will show your skills and expertise along with experience in that area. it’s always very challenging yet interesting to get all achievements in the world box. So, according to us Worldbox achievements are a must-have.

For now, there are only 34 Worldbox achievements in total but with every new update, Maxim keeps on adding a new trait. So, one can never give a final word for sure.

There is not one quick fix for this answer. In this article, we have explained it pretty well. so, go read it. but in short you can get all achievements by fulfilling every condition they require you to do before unlocking.

Labeling one achievement as the best one would be unfair. All achievements in worldbox are known for a reason and all have their own characteristics but popular ones are tornado achievement, kings of kings achievement, demon achievement, and touch the grass achievement. we have explained it in detail in this article.

No, there isn’t any mod that will provide you all achievements in one single click although there are mods availabe for Powerbox, Worldbox mod APK, and worldbox unlock all traits that can help you achieve these achievements way faster.

Final Words

Worldbox is a sandbox-style simulation game that gives you the experience of the real world with all the freedom to explore it. To make this game more fun Maxim has added some achievements which can be unlocked after fulfilling some conditions required by different achievements. To unlock every achievement you have to fulfill whatever that requirement asks you to do.

In this article, We have given you a deep insight that how to unlock all achievements in the world box and have explained the conditions as well so that you have in mind to unlock this achievement you have to do this. so, stick around, never stop experimenting, play more, and have fun! In case of anything write your queries in the comments or on our contact us page as well.

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